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From idea to product

Cooperating with Busk Innovation shall be a safe experience which is why I typically divide the process into project phases where results are evaluated before taking decision on the next step of the project. A structured approach is essential to ensure good results and clear outlines of the process. My starting point is a model with 4 phases, but if your company already has a working development model (Stage gate or alike) I am happy to follow this.

Brief & specification

Determination of product requirements, strategy and consumer expectations


  • Consumer research

  • Benchmarking / competition analysis

  • Technology exploration


  • Target specification

  • Needs profile & pricing strategy

  • Design profile & mood boards

  • Project plan

Concept development

Unfolding of product architecture, design proposals & manufacturing methods.


  • Sketching and 3D modelling of design concepts

  • Making of early prototypes

  • Consumer tests & -feedback


  • Design sketches & 3D renderings

  • Description of material choices and main production methods

  • Component list and cost quotation

Component design

Detailed design and dimensioning of product parts and assembly methods


  • 3D construction (SolidWorks/Inventor)

  • Preparation of production basis

  • Supplier contact


  • Working drawings for production

  • Final material- and color choices

  • Tolerancing and surface finishes

  • Supplier contracts

Validation and testing

Production and test moulds, production tools & master parts


  • Inspection of master components

  • Adjustment of parts design and production basis

  • Consumer test of 0-series


Product ready for marked launch

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