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Sometimes you just need to quickly generate lots of fresh ideas to get around the problem that stops the project from going forward. IdéaGallop is an intensified course to kick start the concept development phase where a lot of directions are covered in short time and at a fixed price.

Brief - 1 hours meeting (online/face to face)

We will spend 1 hour on an online meeting where you will outline the challenge that you seek inputs and suggestions to. You describe your thoughts and requests for the good solution. E.g.  “We have been working on a prototype and seek suggestions to how the product design shall look in order to appeal to our target group.”

Idea generation  - 8 hours brainstorm & sketching

I will brainstorm and sketch on suggested solutions based on your brief. At this point my experience with creating strong user experiences and innovative designs comes in handy and my knowledge about production methods and materials ensures quality in the suggested concepts.

Evaluation – 1 hour meeting

I will present the suggested solutions in the form of design sketches and together we will evaluate on which concepts have the strongest business potential. You will then decide on weather you which to present on or more concepts to potential customers.

Price: 7500,- ex. moms , 6449,- kr. ex. moms

Doscking station conceptblack.png
B2005 Concept sketches 13.jpg
Wildlife tower - Busk Innovation - DFB.p

In case you wish to use the design sketches to collect early feedback from potential customers we will progress further with the concept development.

Presentation touch – concept presentation


I will create 1-2 slides with visualisations and description of the selected concepts, which will be used for presentation to selected end users/customers.

Customer feedback – workshop

I will facilitate a short session where we will present the ideas to 2-3  potential customers to obtain their feedback and reaction. This feedback will we valuable as guidance in further process of the project.

Evaluation meeting with decision on the next steps in the project

Want to discuss how we can approach your project?

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